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   cloud Richland Bombers
Class of 1975

Richland High School Bombers Class of 1975
40th Reunion
July 17 - 18, 2015

Well, the Richland High School Class of 1975 40-year reunion has come and gone.
Sounds like folks had a great time.

How about we do it again in, say, 10 years?

40th reunion

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Where Are They Now?
class bios Brief bios of what (some of) your classmates have been doing since high school.

1975 at a Glance 1975 Facts & Figures
Bios Whatever Happened To...?
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery Two Photo Gallery Two
Schools Elementary School Pictures
sports Bomber Sports

Swing Choir RHS Music Makers
Emails Email Addresses

Champs National Champions
Roster Class Roster
Smart People
In Memoriam
In Memoriam

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1975 facts What was the song of the year for 1975? (Clue: Heavy metal it ain't.) How about Best Picture? A few Facts and Figures from our graduation year.

Bios Don't you wonder sometimes what ever happened to, you know, that short kid who sat in the next row in English class? Well, check out the ever-growing list of short bios of RHS '75 classmates at the Whatever Happened To...? page. Even better: Sit down for five minutes, jot a few sentences about what you've been up to, and send it to the RHS75 Webmeister.

Schools Class pictures of future Class of 75ers in Elementary School. Right now, there's photos for Lewis and Clark, Marcus Whitman's Third Grade, two Sacajawea classes, and a couple from Spalding. Where are you Jason Lee and CK people? If you have any other grade-school pictures sitting around, send them to the RHS75 Webmeister.

In Memoriam A list of classmates who have passed away, with some obituaries.

sports You couldn't very well have a Bomber site without a Sports Page, now could you?

Swing Choir A photo of the 1974-75 Swing Choir.

Emails Where is everybody? We have about 87 or so e-mail addresses
for our classmates -- that leaves about 300 more to find. If you have an address for anybody in our class, please send it to the RHS75 Webmeister and we'll add it to the list.

Champs A listing of all the Class of 75 Bombers who won National Championships.

Roster A roster of the whole class. (Let me know if I've spelled your name wrong.)

Smart People
Shockingly, all the valedictorians for our class are female.

page started: 4/28/00
page updated: 9/21/15

Please send any Class of '75-related photos, links, etc. to the
RHS75 Webmeister