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   Richland Bombers
Class of 1975

cloud Spalding Elementary School
Grade 3

Rainbow Bar

Photo and IDs provided by Julie Coates' mother, Kay Mitchell Coates ('52).
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Grade 3, 1965-66

Top Row: Mrs. Moore, ??, Pam Richmond, Marie Labrecque, Jimmy Carter
2nd Row: Jean Benton, Rusty Lee, Sheryl Gibson, John Horton, Gary Duke, Julie Coates, Mathew Levitt, Mary Horton, Vicki Batson
3rd Row: Karen Coleman, Raymon Turner, Travis McCracken, Eva Stone, Chris Otterbine, Clifford Barker, Mary Underwood, Carolyn Orton, Deanna Bowen
Bottom Row: Chuck Peoples, Julie Deuessnar, John Sobodka, Debborah Stoner, David Paul

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