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   Richland Bombers
Class of 1975

cloud Boys Basketball

Bomber hoop fans became spoiled during our high school years. The Mike Neill-led teams finished second in state twice (our sophomore and junior years) and fourth our senior year. The 1974-75 squad finished 23-3, winning District (as usual) but losing in the Regional final. Neill finished his career a three-time all-stater, and scored his 2000th career point in his final game at the state tourney. Coach Frank Teverbaugh's starters at season's end were Neill, Jim Thompson, Steve Forsberg, Rick Slater, and Roger Sonderland.

First row, from left, Manager Ron Thornhill, Mike Neill, Rick Slater,
Rod Marcum, Rich Jacobs, Jim Thompson, manager Brian Killand

Standing, Cameron Mitchell, Kelly Euteneier, Roger Cone, Steve
Forsberg, Roger Sonderland, Ken Cole, John Hollick,
Coach Frank Teverbaugh

1975 State Tourney Cover Cover of the 1975 Boys State Basketball Tournament Program

1975 State Tourney Team Photo 1975 Boys State Basketball tournament program Bomber Page

1974 State Tourney Team Photo 1974 Boys State Basketball tournament program Bomber Page

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